Learning & Growing Together in Las Cruces

Community Partners in Education (CPIE) connects PK-12 educators and students in Las Cruces Community Schools with local community partners to ensure that all young people have access to the resources they need to reach their full potential.

Community Partners in Education
Las Cruces Partnership for Community Schools, Cruces Creatives, CommunityShare and our local partners believe our communities are only as strong as the relationships we build. Through our online network and offline resources we connect the wisdom, skills and resources of community members, industry professionals, organizations and parents in Las Cruces with educators who want to engage their students in real-world learning experiences.
Making a meaningful difference in Las Cruces
PK-12 Educators
Are you a PK-12 educator or school staff in a Las Cruces Community School looking to engage your students virtually or in-person with a local STEM professional, artist, entrepreneur, community organization and others to make real-world learning experiences come alive in your classroom for free?
Community Partners
Do you want to share your skills, hobbies, life experiences, and community resources virtually or in-person with our next generation but unsure where or how to do it? We are here to help you connect with educators and students.
Get Inspired
Want to see past projects that PK-12 educators and community partners have worked on together? Visit CommunityShare’s website to see projects implemented in other cities.
Learn More
Community Partners in Education (CPIE) was inspired by work started in Tucson, AZ by CommunityShare. Check out their website to explore what they have done in Tucson and see why you might want to help grow CPIE in Las Cruces.
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  • "The energy and creativity of the first graders was contagious at Borton Elementary School. I had a blast sharing my knowledge and illustration projects with the students...I am still smiling!"

    Julie B. Illustrator & Designer, Tucson
  • "CommunityShare provides opportunities for students to meet, interact and collaborate with experts in different occupations. These interactions help students create visions for themselves and their futures."

    Kathy L. Teacher, Tucson
  • "This project helped students to express their concerns, learn coping mechanisms, and integrate what they learned through creating an art piece."

    Jackie Schuld Teacher
  • "I learned the importance of my social media appearance when I apply for jobs."

    11th Grade Student
  • "I felt very honored that I was a part of the experience. I learned a lot about Mexico, art, and how to contribute to our community."

  • "Students who have struggled all year to complete lesson projects were engaged, creative, and thinking about how to solve problems in their community."

    Rebeka Densen Teacher
  • "The students who won first place on the project because of their unique design, attention to detail, and motivation to test their model struggled to complete projects in the past..."

    Rebeka Densen Teacher
  • "[I learned] ways to make our city a better place."

    8th Grade Student
  • "I never knew how cool glass blowing could be. It was amazing to be able to be open to what the glass was doing. I also loved learning how to write a business plan for my own studio one day. I know what I want to do when I get older."

  • "I was so amazed to see how proud students were to show their parents and families what they’d created."

    Charlene Mendoza Teacher