Interactive School Garden with Community Spaces

Students in Anna Lawrie’s program were very excited to grow their own plants for food. She wanted them to figure out how they could work together to produce food for themselves, their families [...]

Hands on STEM Learning at STARBASE

Amber Wolf wanted her students to explore STEM related contexts through real-world, hands-on experience. Her 5th grade students took part in the Department of Defense program – STARBASE at Davis [...]

Virtual Reality in the Math Classroom

Sixth grade teacher, Jenn Schilling, wanted her students to explore the question, “How can I use technology to solve a problem in my community?” Students brainstormed topics they were passionate [...]

Desert Landscape for Desert Dwellers

As a way to combine a work training program with ecological awareness, ACT and THS students took responsibility for planting and maintaining an existing garden at the Food Conspiracy Co-op near [...]

Building Mathematical Minds

Mercy wanted to improve school engagement and build math and fine motor skills using art and hands-on math resources that kids could take home and share. Throughout the spring, multiple speakers [...]

Hopes, Dreams and Healing Garden

One goal this year was to improve family engagement and encourage parents to take part in the school. Across from Jeannette’s class was a garden area that looked abandoned; it wasn't appealing [...]

Sunnyside Future City STEAM Program

Wouldn’t the world be an amazing place if people worked together to solve community problems? Jackie Nichols wanted her students to do just that by creating an opportunity for students to design [...]

Building Community Through Murals

Jeff Hartman wanted his students to learn the history of their neighborhood, including the history of the murals in the El Rio Community Center and downtown Tucson. He connected with Jenna [...]

From the Streets to the Studio

Just about every morning and afternoon when Krista walked up to the front of the school, a group of students in a circle were spitting out rhymes in a cypher. They had more passion in those [...]

The New American Dream

As a way to help students creatively engage in a writing process, Jen Nowicki Clark of Creative Narrations taught Joanna’s students the art of creating a storyboard for a digital story. She then [...]

Therapeutic Riding of Tucson

As a way to build team skills, students learned “Interactive Vaulting,” a certified discipline that engages people in horsemanship activities and movements around, on and off a horse. This [...]

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