Our Vision & Story

Imagine a 2nd grade teacher with the click of a button being able to find and connect with a local paleontologist or wildlife illustrator ready to collaborate with her students on a class project about dinosaurs.

Imagine an afterschool youth media program connecting with a local news reporter, photography studio, radio station, social media marketing firm, or university journalism professor, to learn the latest in journalism and new media.

Imagine yourself when you were in 5th grade…8th grade….or whenever that “community visitor” came into your classroom or took you on a fieldtrip that changed how you imagined yourself, your world and your career dreams. Or if that person or experience never came into your life here is your chance!

Imagine being that community visitor today…..What skills, passions and experiences might you share in our community?

Imagine if you and everyone else you knew in greater Tucson asked this same question and created an entire network of sharing in a way that supported our educators, youth and community?

Imagine if just 1% of the 1 million residents in the greater Tucson region shared their passions, skills and experiences 6 hours per year. Together we would create 60,000 hours of learning, opportunity, inspiration, understanding, and hope.

A little over three years ago, a small group of us – educators, entrepreneurs, artists, ecologists, nonprofit organizations, technophiles, and community leaders – came together to imagine just that! Since we all lived in Tucson, we began wondering what would the Tucson region look like if each and everyone one of us saw ourselves as stewards of a learning ecosystem. As potential mentors, educators, apprentices, and students, each of us holds unique stories, skills, passions, and experiences that only we can share and that our community depends on to understand who we are as a community, where have we gone and what kind of future we want to create. Whether we are 80-year-old grandmother or 16-old-gamer, we need each other to imagine our individual and collective futures. But how could we create something that could connect the skills and experiences of one person with the needs of another across an entire region? Could technology, something that in many ways has isolated us even more, help us weave our collective imaginations, passions, skills, and experiences into a connected learning ecosystem.

The search for answers planted the seeds for CommunityShare.

CommunityShare is a locally-based online network that connects the skills and experiences of passionate community partners – individual professionals, community leaders, organizations and businesses – in the greater Tucson region with the goals and needs of educators in schools and informal learning environments. As a community partner, you might introduce students to your career pathway, bring outside expertise to class projects, share cutting edge technologies, brainstorm curriculum ideas with teachers, mentor students, attend a career day, judge a student competition, or host field trips.

Together we can create “real-world” learning opportunities for youth to discover their own passions and illuminate pathways for transforming their passions into career possibilities.