Our Work

CommunityShare is an initiative that is re-imagining learning by revealing, connecting and sharing the wisdom, passion, stories and “real-world” expertise in local communities. We do this through the following tools and strategies that help cultivate an equitable and vital learning ecosystem.


Online Platform
Our platform provides K-12 teachers and other educators with access to hundreds of community partners who can serve as mentors, project collaborators, guest speakers, content-area consultants, student competition judges, field trip hosts, and more! By creating an online profile, individuals and organizations in the community can make a meaningful difference in the lives of students and teachers as they share their unique passions, skills and “real-world” experiences.

Community & Family Engagement
Our education system is only as strong as our community. We partner with businesses, nonprofits, government agencies, higher education institutions, associations, and others to engage their staff and employees in education. We also welcome individuals – freelance professionals, parents, retirees, seniors, school alumni, and many others – to connect with educators through our platform.

School Culture & Professional Development
CommunityShare and our partners offer professional development and hands-on workshops for teachers, schools and school districts in project-based learning, student-centered learning and community engagement. We also offer resources for individuals and organizations in the community who would like to get more involved with schools and education but are unsure where to start.

Teacher Leadership
The CommunityShare Educator Action Council is a teacher-led professional learning community (PLC) that engages visionary educators in collaborative curriculum planning, professional development innovation, peer mentorship, co-creating new education initiatives, and advocacy.

Innovation Catalysts
Our Seed Grant Program and City-Wide Learning Challenges catalyze innovative partnerships and projects between teachers, students and community partners. If you are a teacher in the greater Tucson region and want to apply, here is information about the Seed Grant Program CS Seed Grant Description Spring 2017 and the application CS Seed Grant Application Spring 2017. The application should be downloaded and emailed to communityshare.soaz@gmail.com.

Community Dialogues, Workshops & Celebrations
In collaboration with our partners, CommunityShare co-hosts regional dialogues and events to inspire the sharing of ideas and practices among educators & the community. Since 2015 CommunityShare has co-hosted EdCamp Tucson with our partner CITY Center for Collaborative Learning. CommunityShare and Leadlocal are facilitating a year-long Ecosystem Leadership Salon & Speaker Series, which offers a deep learning space for local community leaders across all sectors to explore new models of leadership for creating systems change.

Sharing stories of learning, success and failure allow a community to share, reflect and grow together. We offer digital storytelling and other workshops for educators, students, administrators, and community members to develop their digital media skills and celebrate the diverse voices of our community. Through our website, social media, and newsletter we highlight these stories.

CommunityShare believes all students and teachers should have access to the resources and support they need to reach their full potential. In order to achieve this, we must all become advocates for education as individuals, organizations, parents, students, educators, and voters. CommunityShare and our partners highlight opportunities and concrete pathways for our voices to be heard.