Sharing stories of learning, success and failure allow a community to share, reflect and grow together. CommunityShare and our partners offer digital storytelling and other storytelling workshops for educators, students, administrators, and community members to develop their digital media skills and celebrate the diverse voices of our education community.

Teachers’ voices are often not heard beyond the classroom and are critical to shaping the public’s understanding of the education system and our need to reimagine learning. With this in mind, in June 2017, CommunityShare in partnership with Creative Narrations, the Arizona Commission on the Arts, The University of Arizona Poetry Center, and CITY Center for Collaborative Learning, offered a 4-day digital storytelling workshop for classroom teachers. Participating teachers were asked to think about transformative learning experiences in their lives, how that informed their teaching, and their hopes and dreams for the future of education. Each participant then completed one 2-4 minute digital story highlighting his or her own experience as learners, teachers and education advocates. These stories are intended to spark wider community engagement and ongoing conversation around how to create a healthier system for learning.

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Here is Marco Dominguez’s story sharing his personal experiences as a Latino student, teacher and advocate for greater teacher diversity:


Digital Storytelling